StripCut Paper Shredders: A System with Low-Cost and Low-Security that Enables Shredding Scraps of Papers

stripcut paper shredder

If you are in the market for an economical and simple way to deem your private paper documents, you can try buying a stripcut paper shredder. This is the shredder which is designed to slice paper into long, narrow strips with a single blade. The strips are of the same length, and in the extreme cases equal to the paper’s normal size, while its width depends on the shredder model. One of the several strip width choices is 1/4 inch, 1/8 inch and 1/16 inch.

Stripcut type of paper shredders has definite merits over other models such as the cross-cut or micro-cut shredders. They have three main advantages which are cost saving, time saving, and low maintenance cost. They also come with a bigger opening and can hence process more server sheets, and some models are highly advanced and can shred even CDs, staples and credit cards. Stripcut paper shredders are economical and efficient for the disposal of non-sensitive documents as junkmail, newspaper, magazines, or receipts.


Furthermore, while stripcut paper shredders also come with the disadvantages of being altogether, it is necessary that these should be taken into consideration. discarding documents after they are shredded this service does not provide a high level of security. The stripcut being flat and having straight edges is important since they can be rearranged by for instance another person to reassemble the parts. However, the occurs when you are, your or your identity is at the risk. Bundle cut is not recommended to shred such confidential documents as bank statements, medical records or contracts which have more chances to threaten privacy and security.

We are manufacturers of every type of shredder and all cuts available like stripcut, cross cut, micro cut shredder.

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