Small shredder

Table Top

Table Top Secret shredder is just the right choice for Chairmen, Managing Directors, Managers and top Executives – just about anybody who has to deal with confidential papers. It is as compact as a telephone and equally necessary. It sits easily on your office desk and can shred A4 size papers into more than 2,300 particles. It keeps confidential data absolutely confidential.

Technical Specifications:

Feed Opening (mm) 80
Shred width (mm) 1.5 x 18
Performance in sheets (nos) 1
Security level 4
Shred speed (metre/min) 3.7
Power connection (volts) 230
Electrical consumption (Kw) 0.04
Capacity (litres) 2
Dimensions (mm H, W , D) 160 x 225 x 245
Weight in kg (approx) 6.2
Photocell controlled Yes
Warranty 12 months
Sound Level No Load 65
(Db) Load 73