We are a Manufacturer of Shredder Machine Welcome to the Shredder Superstore. From a common small paper shredding machines for office/home to large industrial models for non stop shredding of papers and other waste are all available with us. With over 53 models to choose from we have a very big collection of machines with assorted features that will definitely fit your requirement and economically too.

Common Types of SHREDDER are –

  1. Paper Shredder for Offices
  2. Heavy duty paper shredder
  3. Industrial paper shredding
  4. Plastic crusher
  5. Multipurpose shredding machine
  6. Hard drive destroyer 
  7. Card board perforating machine
  8. Pharma waste crusher
  9. Wood shredding
  10. Factory waste shredding machine
office paper shredder

Office Paper Shredders –
This paper shredder machine comes with a bin underneath for collecting the shredded papers, the smaller machines can take between 5 to 25 sheets of A4 papers together, in most shredders small staple pins are easily shredded and there is no need to remove them.  

If you want to buy a normal shredding machine for office papers , please visit our website meant only for paper shredders –

heavy duty paper shredder

Heavy duty paper shredder –
These models can run non stop without cooling, they are very useful for shredding big lots of papers in short time, they can generally take 50 sheets together. There is no need to remove staples and clips etc. With shredding capacity of 500kgs per day

industrial paper shredder

Industrial Paper Shredding –
An industrial paper shredder is useful for shredding in tons daily, this machine is used by large banks, hospitals, universities, document storage companies and shredding service providers Etc. They are mostly available in strip cut.

plastic shredder

Plastic Crusher – 
Hard plastics like chairs, tables, car bumpers etc. are broken into small pieces for volume reduction and recycling, these machines are slow moving and have great strength. They can shred various materials along with plastics.

multi purpose shredder

Multipurpose Shredding machine – 
This machine is available in two versions 1) FOR OFFICES and 2) FOR WAREHOUSES/FACTORIES.
The machine for offices can shred Papers,CDs,Credit cards,Floppies and sometimes hard drives too.
The multi shredder machine for factories can shred papers, plastic bags, wood, glass and garbage too. 

hard drives shred

Hard Drive Destroyer –
When you have critical data on hard drives they have to be shredded before disposal, the best and safest way to destroy hard drives is by shredding.

cardboard shredder

Card Board Perforating Machine – 
A cardboard shredder can convert old cartons into soft mats that can be used for packaging, this is a very eco friendly and economical solution for in house packing.

pharma waste shredder

Pharma Waste Crusher –
A medicine factory produces waste that needs to be destroyed before disposal, our shredder with special design cutters is useful for this purpose, the challenge is to have an economical solution for shredding all different types of waste in one single machine, Our special design meets this requirement effectively.

wood shredder

Wood Shredding –
Heavy packaging is done in wooden boxes,crates,pallets etc. this wood can be reused if broken into small pieces, our heavy duty shredders are able to do this primarily for reducing volume and reusing the wood waste.

factory waste shredder

Factory waste shredding machine –
Each large manufacturing company generates a lot of waste, this needs to be disposed in a socially responsible manner so that it does not effect the local community. One equipment for this intelligent disposal of waste is a shredder, the shredder can reduce the volume for easy storage and savings in transportation costs, destroy the material and break the bio degradable waste into small pieces.

Indeed what ever your need – we have the right SHREDDER for you!