PET Bottle Shredder

PET Bottle Shredder – An Eco friendly Solution to collecting and recycling plastic bottles

With our immense experience in manufacturing shredding machines, we have designed a very popular ECO FRIENDLY PET BOTTLE SHREDDER which is widely used all over India at railway stations, airports, public places like parks and other central locations where there is a daily large footfall of people, these machines are a single point of collection for plastic bottles etc. which otherwise are scattered all over the place or finally go in the garbage, the plastics Etc. are recyclable materials that are retrieved and systematically disposed rather than they being uselessly dumped in garbage bins.

Advantages of this machine –

1. Proper channelizing of recyclable waste plastic
2. Keeping the surroundings clean
3. Volume reduction of PET BOTTLES
4. Crushing into pieces making it easy for recycling
5. Creating employment opportunities
6. Eco friendly and economical collection of recycling materials
7. Low cost and durable long term solution
8. NO maintenance costs of the machines and added income from sale of scrap
9. Aesthetic and awareness creation for recycling and saving environment
10. Good opportunity for revenue generation thru advertising

BRAND – SMSZ / MODEL – PBS 150 | PBS 130 | PBS 120
(Available in 3 Variants and customized as per request)

Specification and Working of Machine Value
Machine is suitable for Disposal of Municipal Waste such as PET bottle, Aluminium cans, by shredding Yes
Cutting mechanism material grabbed
between 2 counter
rotating shaft
Shredding capacity in kg/hr 7 / 25 / 50 Kgs
Shredding speed in rpm 6
Input electrical supply 230 V 50 Hz,
Single phase
Electrical motor rating 1 HP
Current Rating in Amperes 10
Motor Start /off Automatic
Noise level at 1 meter distance when working 65 dB
Machine should be covered with Powder coated steel enclosure to avoid spillage of waste Yes
Machine should be tested for electrical safety
requirement as per IS 302 /Part I
Warranty in years 2
Machine shall be installed and demonstrated
before acceptance
Operating and Maintenance Manual to be
provided should be supplied
Size of the shredder chamber in mm x mm
(with tolerance of plus minus 10 mm)
Material of the cutter of shredder Hardened Special
Alloy Steel
Feed opening in mm x mm 100 x 150
Waste bin capacity in Litres 100
Overall dimensions of machine 700 X 700 X 1650 mm
Gross weight of machine in kg 85
Material of body Mild Steel
Door open cut off switch Yes
Motor should be trips off in case of waste
loading lid is open
Short circuit protection Yes
Machine shall be CE Marked Yes
CE Certification No and Date & Certification
Body details and validity of certificate
RP91/9899, 16/02/2018, ICS Pvt Ltd, 3 Years
Details of Certifications Such as ISO
indicated available
Test certificate indicating performance
parameters and electrical safety systems
from Govt/NABL/ILAC approved Lab
Test Certificate No. 19B0009674
Test Certificate Date 04/08/2017
Name of Lab MSME testing Center
Address of Lab MSME DI Campus,
Mumbai- 400072
Copy of test report and certifications to be submitted to buyer on demand Yes

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