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The word shredder normally refers to devices that cut paper into very small pieces or particles, thus making it almost impossible to read or reconstruct. Paper shredders or document destroyers are the most popular choice for individual and business purposes to dispose of confidential, sensitive, or unwanted documents including bills, receipts, bank statements, tax returns, contracts, medical records, etc. Papers shredders protect individuals and businesses from identity thefts, fraud, data breaches, etc.

Various types of paper shredders exist to cater to the size, shape, and symmetry of the cuts. The most common types are:

Strip-cut paper shredder used: This cross-cutting trims paper into narrow and long strips of one fourth inch or less. Small and cheap, but at the same time providing the lowest level of security, strip-cut shredders are the most basic type of shredders – the strips can be restored with some effort and patience.

Cross-cut paper shredder used: These shredders into pieces of paper and the smallest size is less than 1/8″ by 1/2″. The higher security of cross-cut shredders is provided by the fact that the pieces are of more complex structure and require more space for their storage. In addition to this, they are perfectly suited to the task and can shred the paper in less time and there is a reduction in the waste volume.

Micro-cut paper shredder used: This shredder can cut the paper in very small pieces (usually 1/16″x5/32″) or less. The smallest shreds produced by micro-cut shredders bring the highest level of security as the pieces are practically not restorable and need certain disposal procedure. Very expensive and least efficient are these micro-cut shredders which are the most noisy, and they require more power and maintenance compared to other types of shredders.

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