Shredders that make you tired!

Industrial paper shredding machines from small for on location shredding to large machines for installations in warehouses.

If you are starting new in this business or are already established looking for higher capacity shredding machines, We have a paper shredder for shredding service providers that give optimum production at minimum expenses.

Either just a few hundred kg or in tons, you would never let go of the business, but the challenge is how to meet these varying requirements, well the answer is choosing the right shredder for the job or investing in a combination of machines.

We manufacture industrial grade paper shredders from 1000 kg per day to 10000 kg per day document shredding capacity.

industrial cross cut shredder

Our SHREDMAC™ industrial paper shredders are designed for heavy non stop use for safe disposal of commercial and industrial paper waste. Different types of paper shredders are available according to their capacity and shred size

  • Strip Cut Shredders: These shredders use a single set of blades for cutting documents into strips that range from 5 mm to 15 mm.  
  • Cross Cut Shredders : These paper shredders cut into small pieces of 4 x 40 mm
  • Micro Cut Shredders : These paper shredders are used for very high confidential documents shredding as they are able to shred into very small pieces.
  • Industrial Paper Shredders : Designed for high-volume shredding, industrial shredders are typically used in high paper generating commercial facilities for processing daily large volumes of paper waste and sensitive documents.  
  • Industrial Cross Cut Shredders : Cross cut shredders feature two sets of blades with large hooks for cutting documents into strips as well as horizontally. The cuy pieces are rectangular and as large as 4 x 40 mm (P-4)
    Cross cut shredder is a more secure option for shredding confidential business documents.

Paper Shredder for Shredding Service Providers

Paper Shredder for Shredding Service Providers
Paper Shredder for Shredding Service Providers

We will be glad to assist you in choosing the right shredder and advice out of experience an ideal machine either to start a new business or upscale an existing shredding business. Fell free to call or Whatsapp – +919820020755 or email – [email protected] for more details about our shredders

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