Paper crusher is a very powerful and strong machine with capacity to tear full bunch of papers together, they can destroy CDs and credit cards too along with all kinds of waste papers and office waste paper contents including crumpled papers.

Big companies and banks need to use this machine because they need to be more careful than others when destroying the old papers because they have a lot of papers for destruction which contain a lot of customer sensitive financial information along with sometimes personal details too, they should consider buying these paper crusher machine for fast work. Banks now have to mandatory use devices for information security as stipulated under RBI guidelines.

Not taking necessary steps could not only result in immense loss to their customers but also to the reputation of the Bank if there is a security breach. Imagine the consequences of this PR disaster and loss of confidence and subsequently business loss due to this oversight. Take immediate steps now use our heavy duty paper crusher and Hard drive data destroyers and get complete banking security solutions all under one roof.


List of some common data destruction products and services and Hard drive and Paper crusher –

1. PAPER SHREDDERS from INTIMUS ( Complete range available according to usage)
2. HARD DRIVE DEGAUSSERS ( Powerful machine for fast degaussing)
3. OLD RECORDS SHREDDING SERVICES ( Hassle free complete out sourcing)
4. DEGAUSSERS ON RENTAL ( Ideal for small quantities) 
5. PAPER , HARD DRIVE AND CASSETTE CRUSHERS (Physical destruction and surety)

best paper shredder Paper crusher

The paper crusher is available in three sizes 

SMALL ( with three options)
MEDIUM ( just right for occasional heavy loads)
LARGE (commercial operations only)

The biggest machine is used for commercial purposes and shredding services providers, it can shred between 3-5 tons in an hour, along with papers other packaging materials and miscellaneous factory waste can also be destroyed. We also have special crushers for optical media such us Hard Drives, Cassettes, LTO tapes, CDs, and all other similar media.

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