shredder for fruit packing

tons of newspapers are shredded in a day to safely pack pomegranates etc.

a newspaper shredder machine to cut long strips that can be used as cushioning for packing fruits, the shredded papers provide good support in transport, with the fruits remaining safe till they reach the market.

Machines are available in different capacities –

1 ton daily production
2 tons
5 tons
10 tons automatic shredder

produces thin uniform strips , dust free and extremely light and soft too.

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now for more details

this machine is also called and used for –

Fruit packing paper cutting machine
Paper Katran Machine For Fruit Packaging
Newspaper Katran shredder for fruit packaging.
Paper katran machine
Katran machine price

Our Paper cutting machine price is best in india
Fruit packing machine price in india of our machine is most low
Paper packing machine price in india is reasonable

The newspaper shreds are called katran

newspaper shredder machine

A newspaper shredder machine is a specialized device designed to shred newspapers and similar paper materials into smaller pieces.

newspaper shredder machine

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