When it comes to shredding tons of papers in a day, ordinary machines are left breathless, The ShredMac™ Industrial Sized Shredder is made for this challenge, it just goes on and on devouring all unwanted papers endlessly. So if you are in the business of serious shredding this is the machine for you. If you want a machine for your organisation this equipment is going

Industrial Sized Shredder

S15 Industrial Sized Shredder

  • Heavy duty shredder, for nonstop continuous use.
  • Hardened and ground alloy steel cutters
  • Assembly mounted on sturdy cast iron frame
  • En8 Shafts and cutters rotate on SKF bearings completely sealed for protection from
  • dust, subsequently lasting for many years without oiling.
  • Attractive powder coated Anti-rust MS body.
  • Soft buttons with simple forward/reverse operation with zero sensors and minimum
  • electronic components from Schneider.
  • Easy to use by anyone, factory workers or even layman can learn to use in a minute.
  • Mounted on high castors for easy mobility.
  • Zero plastic components 100% metal parts.

We at We Shredmac take pride in being manufacturers of top-quality industrial sized shredders, designed to meet the high-capacity shredding needs of businesses and organizations. Our machines are built to handle large volumes of paper, plastics, and other materials with ease and efficiency.

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It’s a powerful tough shredding machine that doesn’t hesitate to even mercilessly cut car number plates let alone papers! it can easily rip off papers, cardboards, laminated papers, thin plastic films, CDs, floppy disks or even thick bound books, into bits!

It is High Capacity Machine, converter Belt The drive is so powerful that it can take 100 sheets of A4 size papers in one gulp!

Non stop shredding for full day, with an hourly capacity of 500+ Kgs.

Our industrial sized shredders are equipped with advanced features that ensure optimal performance and durability. Whether you need to securely dispose of sensitive documents or process bulk materials, our shredders are up to the task.

With a focus on reliability and precision engineering, We Shredmac industrial sized shredders offer a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to streamline their waste management processes. Trust us for all your high-capacity shredding needs, and experience the difference that quality machinery can make in your operations. we Industrial Sized Shredder with unbeatable price and full support warranty all India.

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