Kobra Paper Shredder Machine

Kobra 270 TS S5 Straight Cut Shredder

  • Kobra 270 TS S5 is a professional strip cut shredder with all controls activated through a simple touch screen panel.
  • The large volume paper shredder has a cutting capacity of up to 32 sheets and a waste bin volume of 29 gallons. In addition, the separate cutting unit for optical media allows easy shredding of CDs and DVDs.

    kobra paper shredder machine features an EPC Electronic Power Control to show the shredding loads for optimal, jam free shredder. With a power of 3/4 HP,

  • This Kobra Paper Shredder Machine is Energy Smart and switches to standby mode after 8 seconds of inactivity.

     jam free shrdding
  • Shredder Application: Medium Office
  • Shredder Line: Touch Screen
  • Security Level: P-2
  • Security Level (DIN 66399): P-2 | O-2 | T-2 | E-2
  • Cut Type: Straight Cut Jam free shredder
  • Sheet Capacity: Up to 32
  • Shreddable Materials: Paper, Credit Cards, CDs & DVDs, Blu-ray Disks, Floppy Disks, Films
  • Cut Size: 1/4 inch
  • Bin Capacity: 29 gallons
  • Speed: 15 ft/min
  • Feed Width: 10.6 inch
  • Run Time: Continuous

Kobra Paper Shredder Machine 270 TS S5 Datasheet

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Certainly! Kobra paper shredder machine are known for their quality and efficiency. Let’s explore a few models:

  1. Kobra +1 SS4 Straight Cut Shredder:
  • Ideal for Small and Home Office use.
  • Features an efficient shredding capacity of 18 sheets with a continuous-duty motor.
  • Equipped with an **Energy Smart System, Automatic Start & Stop, and Oil-Free Technology for hassle-free shredding in work environments.
  1. Kobra Cyclone Industrial Shredder:
  • A high-volume industrial shredder with a sheet capacity of up to 500 sheets.
  • Employs high-power rotating blades combined with turbine power.
  • Impressive shredding output of 940 lbs per hour without requiring oiling or special maintenance. Truly powerful!
  1. Kobra 270 TS S5 Straight Cut Shredder:
  • Offers P-2 level high-security cross-cut shredding.
  • Shreds paper, credit cards, films, and disks.
  • Bin size: 29 gallons. A reliable choice for secure document disposal.

Whether you need a shredder for personal use or heavy-duty industrial requirements, Kobra has innovative solutions for destroying all kinds of documents.

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