In today’s fast-paced world, businesses require efficient solutions for managing sensitive documents and data. The Kobra Cyclone Industrial Shredder offers a powerful and easy-to-use solution for businesses of all sizes. From corporate offices to recycling centers, the Cyclone is designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty shredding with ease.

Kobra cyclone Shredder

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Kobra Cyclone Shredder Main features


Industrial shredder designed for large quantities of material (up to 420kg per hour): paper (500 sheets at a time), credit cards (45.000 per hour), CDs / DVDs / Blu-ray (15.000 per hour), Floppy-Disks (7.000 per hour), cardboard, carton boxes, aluminium cans and plastic bottles. The size of the particles (Security Level) can be chosen when ordering the machine and it will always be possible to change the Security Level, choosing between the 5 different available ones, any time after installation of the unit with a simple operation to adapt to any shredding need.

Shredding capacity of 500 sheets at a time remains unchanged with any Security Level installed in the machine. Kobra Cyclone is equipped with an integrated vacuum system specifically designed to provide the operator with clean and dust free shredding environment. Kobra Cyclone is built with a double insulated shredding chamber and special plastic outer housing enclosure for low noise operation. It doesn’t require any oiling of cutting knives or special maintenance.This makes it easy to use for everybody at the office.

Kobra Cyclone complies with the shredding standards of ASIO – Australian Security Intelligence Organisation – T4 Protective Security. Security level 005 is NATO approved. Security Level 006 meets the latest shredding standards issued by the National Security Agency: NSA/CSS Specification 02-02 for paper destruction and NSA/CSS Specification 04-02 for Optical Media destruction.

Unique Technology: Kobra Cyclone it’s equipped with a turbine generating a high pressure air flow and sets of high speed rotating blades. By making the air stream spin, particles are subjected to centrifugal forces and deposited from the air flow into the disposal bag

High efficiency motor: maximum electrical saving per year

Continuous Duty: 24 hour continuous shredding operations. Motor Thermal protection. No overheatings

Control Panel: just press the start button, throw the material into the large entry opening and leave, Kobra Cyclone will automatically shred everything and go into stand-by mode when shredding is completed; A Load Meter positioned in the center of the control panel measures the actual load on the turbine and on the rotating blades and shows the operator the availability of the shredding capacity at any time during intensive and continuous shredding jobs, for full shredding output and power of the Kobra Cyclone

No Maintenance: No oiling of cutting knives. No lubrication. Easy to use without any maintenance operation

Rear Window for easy checking of waste bag level

Double Insulated shredding chamber and special plastic outer housing enclosure for low noise operation

Integrated Vacuum system specifically designed to provide the operator with clean and dust free shredding environment
Built-in-trolley for easy removal of waste bag
START & STOP Manual Start/ Automatic Stop with Stand-by function
AUTOMATIC STOP for bag full with light signal

Optionals available:
– Kobra Compactor C-500 – compresses and reduces the volume of the shredded paper by 4 to 5 times
– 5 Screen for 5 different security levels:
002 similar to security level P-2 O-2 T-2 E-2
003 similar to security level P-2 O-2 T-2 E-2
004 similar to security level P-4 O-2 T-3 E-2
005 similar to security level P-5/P-6 O-3 T-4 E-3 F-1 for Microfiche only
006 similar to security level P-7 O-5 T-5 E-4 F-3 for Microfiche only

Consumable materials:
– plastic waste bags 10 pcs
– Vacuum system filter 10 bags
– Sleeve Junction Cyclone-Compactor, 10 pcs

Certification marks: CB – CE – CSA

Technical features

Throat width (WxH):  325×220 mm
Shred size:  see Cyclone catalogue
Security Level:  5 different available Security Levels similar to P-2, P-4, P-5/P-6, P-7 DIN 66399
Paper capacity:  500 sheets A4/70gr at a time
Credit card capacity:  45.000 per hour
Cd/DVD capacity:  15.000 per hour
Floppy Disk capacity:  7.000 per hour
Speed:  up to 400 Kg. per hour (theoretical output)
Noise level:  75-85 dba (depending on local voltage and in idle operation)
Waste bag volume:  400 liters
Voltage:  380/400 V
Power:  6,0 Kw high efficiency motor
Motor thermal protection:  yes
Dimensions (WxDxH):  80x212x210 cm
Weight: 440 Kg

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