An INDUSTRIAL PAPER SHREDDER MACHINE made for shredding businesses that need to destroy tons of client records in a day, our ShredMac range of shredders are able to shred from 1 ton up-till 5 tons per hour, solid steel cutters made from the toughest material , hardened and sharpened that cuts a bunch of papers like a lump of butter!

These machines are made for rough use in the warehouse, equipped with in feed and out feed conveyors, the machine will impress your clients and keep you ahead of the competition. Invest in a ShredMac and watch your business grow, the machine will work with you tirelessly, coping with ease the extra loads as business grows. Always ready and waiting for the next big lot of records to shred. Engineered with 50 years experience in the shredding business, this low cost shredder is a tried and tested solution for shredding businesses all around the world.

LIGHT MACHINES – All with manual feed and discharge

Industrial paper shredder machine

Our ShredMac industrial paper shredder machine range start from the smallest 2 HP paper shredder that can be moved around on a mini vehicle for small onsite jobs having about 500-1000 kgs for shredding in a day,

then is our 5 HP shredder which can be installed onsite for a shredding job of about 25 tons which can be completed with this shredder in about a fortnight.

the biggest in the mid range is our 10 HP shredder with big wheels for easy movement within a premise to shred about 2.5 tons/day, this machine is able to take 100 sheets together and gives good throughput with manual feed.

HEAVY MACHINES – All with in feed and out feed conveyors

15 HP – 1.5 tons / hour
20 HP – 2 tons / hour
25 HP – 2.5 tons / hour
30 HP – 3 tons / hour
40 HP – 4 tons / hour
50 HP – 5 tons / hour

These Shredders are for the real boys of the shredding business, if you are or want to be the biggest waste paper collector in your city, install these machines and get real big shredding jobs done fast and efficiently with very less operating cost.

The working cost addition with respect to labour and electricity is very negligible and good scrap paper value is retained. In the end its a win win situation for all of us..

The Client is happy (fast service), Labour is happy (minimum fatigue),Owner is happy (good profits)…we get more orders for machines! (our business grows)

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