We Are a manufacturer of EZIPAC Cardboard Shredder and a also Distributor Of Top Cardboard Shredder Brands from Europe, We deliver worldwide at the best Price and Immediate Deliveries and complete onsite Warranty.

Our industrial cardboard shredders are designed to meet the demands of the E commerce, Engineering component packing and distribution businesses that deal with large volumes of cardboard waste which can be put to better use than even recycling !
With our shredders, companies can efficiently use their old cardboards into soft flexible packing materials which are a substitute for plastic packaging, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Hyper 400 Industrial cardboard shredder

Hyper 400 Industrial cardboard shredder from ITALY

  • The HYPER SHREDDER industrial carton shredders transform used or unusable cartons into practical and effective packaging material, i.e. elastic mesh, strips or chips.
  • MIKEA ® is pleased to present the new range of HYPER SHREDDER 400 cardboard shredders, a professional, ecological, compact and economical line. No more useless waste and improvised packaging!
  • HYPER SHREDDER 400 frees up space in the warehouse by transforming used cartons into an elastic and perfect mesh for packaging.
  • MIKEA ® is pleased to present the new range of HYPER SHREDDER 400 , a professional, ecological, compact and economical line.

No more useless waste and improvised packaging! Cardboard Shredder 400 frees up warehouse space by transforming used cartons into a flexible, perfect mesh like honeycomb for packaging.

Why buy the HYPER SHREDDER cardboard shredder?

Transform your used cartons into valuable packaging material without wasting time or effort!
Free up space in the warehouse for packaging materials.
It reduces waste and packaging disposal costs.
Ecological, space-saving and economical.

Technical advantages:

Reinforced blades resistant even to the passage of small metal pieces.
Simple and practical control panel.
Sturdy structure and casing in sheet steel.
All models are transportable on wheels.
Thanks to the lateral opening of the cutting mouth, cardboards of any size can be used
All models are equipped with a connection for dust extraction systems.

The reliability and durability of our industrial cardboard shredders make them essential equipment for businesses looking to streamline their waste management processes. From warehouses to distribution centers, our shredders offer a cost-effective solution for handling cardboard recycling efficiently.

At Sasco Ezipac, we understand the importance of quality and performance when it comes to industrial machinery. That’s why our industrial cardboard shredders are built to deliver consistent results, ensuring maximum productivity for our customers.

Choose Sasco Ezipac for your industrial cardboard shredding needs and experience the difference that superior technology and expertise can make in your operations. Let us help you transform how you manage cardboard waste with our reliable and efficient shredding solutions.

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