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Industrial cardboard box shredders are heavy-duty machines designed specifically for shredding large volumes of cardboard boxes and other packaging materials. These shredders are commonly used by warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and recycling plants to efficiently recycle cardboard waste and reduce its volume for disposal or reuse.

Hyper 700 Industrial cardboard box shredder
Hyper 700 Industrial cardboard box shredder

Hyper 700 Industrial cardboard box shredder

  • Number of shaftssingle-shaftApplicationfor cardboard, metalOther characteristicscompact, reinforcedPower
  • 5,220 WOutput
  • 15,000 kg/h (33,069 lb/h)Machine Width
  • 86 cm (34 in)Machine Height
  • 120 cm, 136 cm (47 in, 54 in)

What Is an Industrial Cardboard Shredder Capacity?

Industrial cardboard box shredders typically have high shredding capacities, capable of processing large quantities of cardboard boxes quickly and efficiently. They can handle thick and multi-layered cardboard boxes without jamming or overheating.

What Is Motor Power?

Look for a shredder with a powerful motor to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation, even when shredding tough cardboard materials. Higher horsepower or wattage generally indicates a more powerful shredder.

Shredding Mechanism

Industrial cardboard box shredders may use different shredding mechanisms, including rotary cutters, cross-cut blades, or perforating blades. Consider the type of shredding mechanism based on your specific needs and the desired size of shredded cardboard.

What are safety Features

Safety is paramount in industrial environments. Look for shredders equipped with safety features such as emergency stop buttons, safety locks, and overload protection to prevent accidents and injuries.

Durability and Build Quality

Industrial shredders need to withstand heavy use in demanding environments. Choose a shredder constructed from robust materials such as hardened steel or industrial-grade components to ensure durability and longevity.

Feed Opening Size

The feed opening size determines the maximum size of cardboard boxes that the shredder can accommodate. Choose a shredder with a wide feed opening to accommodate large boxes without the need for pre-cutting.

Mobility and Portability

Depending on your facility layout and workflow, consider whether you need a stationary shredder or a mobile shredder with wheels for easy relocation within the facility.

Maintenance and Serviceability

Opt for a shredder that is easy to maintain and service, with accessible components for cleaning, lubrication, and blade replacement. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance and prolongs the shredder’s lifespan.

Noise Level

Industrial shredders can produce significant noise during operation. If noise is a concern in your facility, look for shredders with noise-reducing features or consider locating the shredder in a dedicated area away from noise-sensitive areas.

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