Heavy duty paper shredder for records storage companies

With 1000’s of sq ft records storage facilities and when a large lot of client records have to be destroyed,
what you need is a heavy duty paper shredder for records storage companies, a super shredder!

We provide shredding machines which can shred up-to 2-5 tons of papers in an hour.

This impressive automatic paper shredder machine is a must have for any records storage facility in India.

Your big customers will definitely appreciate this added service/facility for their documents security.

A scenario when you have to destroy 10000 boxes of client records in the least possible time.

Enter the SHREDMAC™ Industrial Paper Shredder

Sure to do the job and many more in future,
Available in 3 cut sizes –
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In today’s fast and competitive environment, customers demand service and are willing to pay for it too, to keep them satisfied and pull business from competitors a records storage company must also provide allied services to kind of make it a stop shop for data storage , retrieval and finally destruction. To earmark a proper area for records destruction with investments in top class high capacity shredding machines is what can set apart the ordinary from the extra ordinary.

Not only that the trend nowadays is to also offer digital media destruction services of all the assets stored with a storage company.

Heavy duty paper shredder for records storage companies

Heavy duty paper shredder for records storage companies In Mumbai India


We enforce approved destruction practices, appropriate for each type of information archived, whether in physical storage media such as CD-ROMs, DVDs, backup tapes, hard drives, mobile devices,portable drives or in database records or backup files. IT hardware are physically damaged or degaussed and then recycled in a safe sustainable manner in adherence to local government norms.

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Heavy duty paper shredder for records storage companies

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