HDGone™ – A tried and tested made in India – HARD DISK CRUSHER


  • Super Silent, double shaft powerful gearbox drive.
  • Destroys all kinds of Hard Drives into small pieces.
  • High quality steel cutters that do not require sharpening ever and last for many years.
  • Shredded material not too small nor too big so easy to handle and dispose of without loss of value.
  • Less Power Consumption even if used throughout the day.
  • Anti Jamming – Auto Reverse Technology to avoid damage to the cutting chamber in case of shock load.
  • Robust Steel One-Piece Assembly – No chains or belts thus reducing maintenance considerably.
  • Heavy Duty Machinery – Capable of running full-day, Non-Stop in a rough scrap yard environment.
  • Easily Movable – Wheel Mounted with zero vibrations.

Hard Disk Crusher Blades

hard disk crusher


  • Complete Steel Machine Body, Rough and Tough use.
  • 5Hp Motor with iron cast gearbox.
  • Can Shred 250 devices/hour, if used for a full day – can shred in 1000’s.
  • Compact design, silent shredder machine.
  • Ideal for use inside office premise or even for rough use in the scrap yard.
  • Large hopper, Full bag can be dumped inside as it is.
  • Full Machine Warranty – 5 Years, comprehensive onsite.
  • The machine is driven by Solid Cast Iron Gearboxes.
  • Long term investment and trouble-free operation due to tried and tested engineering design.
  • Two counter-rotating shafts are intertwined in each other with cyclic motion and self-cleaning scrapers.
  • Cutters with deep hooks are fitted on the shafts for quick grasp and sure fast cut 
  • The cut pieces fall into a plastic crate underneath the cutting block without any spillage.
  • 100% safe design – Cutting chamber out of hands reach
  • The machine automatically stops when the door is opened.

The machine is made to take hard drives easily and is equipped with an industrial-grade drive and cutting head, As the application is fixed (Hard drives or easier to shred media devices) the machine has been manufactured with extra capability and strength to the extent that it can even do non stop shredding for the entire day if required for many days at a stretch.

Some of our customers are International E-waste recycling companies who do 1000’s hard drives in this machine when there is a IT department requisition or customer order.

Regarding the operations and maintenance of the hard drive shredder, we can offer this after-sales support –

1) To start with when the machine is delivered, it will have a complete set of manuals in the English Language outlining how to install, use and maintain it.

2) We shall also provide a complete kit Free of Cost with – all hand tools, fasteners, an extra set of cutters, electrical switches, that could be useful to you for 10 years of usage

3) In case of any services if required – we support overseas customers by video calling and WhatsApp, 9 out of 10 times the issue is resolved in less than an hour.

4) The machine cutting chamber has self-cleaning intertwined scrappers which do not require to be cleaned at all, however, the panels are easily removable if needed ever, the machine can be easily serviced by any mechanic with basic knowledge with the help of the manuals and tool kit.

5) If at all any spares or services are required during the warranty period we shall provide free of cost and if any cost is incurred locally we shall reimburse the same.

Again rest assured that this is our regularly manufactured machine developed over the last 6 years being used widely in India as well as a few units overseas also.


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