Fellowes AutoMax Range of Paper Shredders

  • The Fellowes automax Shredders range of paper shredders have automatic feeding in which you can load a stack of documents into the shredder’s input tray. 
  • Jam Prevention: AutoMax Paper shredders from fellowes have technology to prevent paper jams. This is done by sensors that detect overfeeding and automatically reverse the shredding process so that the machine is not damaged.
  • Thes machines are available in – Cross-Cut and Micro-Cut Shredding:
    Fellowes AutoMax shredders provide a higher level of security so that a single sheet of paper is shredded into many pieces ensuring that shredded documents are impossible  to join together.
  • Quiet Operation: All models in the Fellowes AutoMax Shredder series are very silent making them suitable for office environments where no noise is a consideration.
  • Automatic Shutdown: To conserve electricity, Fellowes AutoMax shredders have an automatic shutdown feature that activates after a period of inactivity. So it runs when you want to shred and otherwise is switched off.

Fellowes AutoMax Shredders

automax shredder
The following Fellowes AutoMax paper Shredders are available 
  • AutoMax 100M Mini-Cut Shredder  
  • AutoMax 200M Micro-Cut Shredder
  • AutoMax 150C Cross-Cut Shredder
  • AutoMax 200C Cross-Cut Shredder

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