Embassy Shredder Intimus 120CP7 High Security Paper Shredder, Micro Cut Shredder P7 Security. Energy saving technology to minimize energy costs. Noise reduction features built in for quiet operation.

Security is paramount when it comes to shredding sensitive documents at an embassy. Embassy shredders come with High security levels, high-security micro-cut shredding. Determine the level of security you need based on the sensitivity of the information you’ll be shredding.

Embassy shredder Details

Intimus 120CP7 Embassy Shredder

  • Shred Type: Micro Cut/High Security
  • Security Level: Level 6/P-7
  • Shred Size: 0.8 x 4.5 mm
  • Sheet Capacity: Up to 6-9*
  • Throat Size/Feed Opening: 12 1/4″
  • Electrical: 110 V
  • Dimensions: 21.3″ x 15.7″ x 38.6″
  • Weight: 103.6 lbs

The Intimus 120CP7 Cross Cut High Security Paper Shredder is an effective machine for destroying your confidential and classified information.

Meeting and exceeding NSA/CSS 02-01 specifications, the Intimus 120CP7 High Security paper shredder is an effective machine for destroying your confidential information.

Processing 6-9* sheets per pass, the 120CP7 turns your files into small, 0.8 x 4.5 mm pieces. Each Intimus shredder is equipped with the handy and user-friendly i-Control panel. Operational status is displayed at all times, and backlit icons illuminate if a problem occurs.

Noisy operation is not an issue with the Intimus 120CP7 thanks to the Silentec sound dampening system. Worried about potential paper jams? This model attempts to help avoid such situations with the DLS (Dynamic Load Sensor).

Colored lights similar to a traffic light appear in the feed opening to warn against paper overload. What happens when you can’t avoid a paper jam? The Intimus 120CP7 instantly switches into reverse until the problem is fixed. You won’t see your energy bills skyrocket with this shredder.

The EcoLogic energy saving mode cuts off shredder power after a time of inactivity. This heavy duty shredder weighs about 103 lbs., yet can be relocated easily with the mobility casters.

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