Document shredding services can effectively clear all your valuable space by getting rid of all your unwanted papers safely, dangerous to just throw it all away, just dump all the files and folders in your car to our facility and watch it getting shredded in our industrial shredder all safely in a jiffy!
Or if the quantity is more than a car load, we shall arrange for the pickup from your location.

We also offer onsite document shredding service if there are bulk old records to be destroyed and there is enough availability of space for the activity, this onsite document shredding service is generally preferred by large companies. We have numerous shredders and deploy machines on lactation depending on the quantity for shredding, with machine that can shred a ton in a day to our biggest machine for onsite shredding with a capacity of shredding 5 tons in an hour, we have the equipment to carry out the job professionally.
We shred documents for all types of businesses and for individuals, professionals, artists, sportsmen, educationalists, scientists,actors, small business well just about everyone who have a lot of personal papers. Once you visit us you will know how easy and fast it is, We know you will be pleased with our friendly, efficient & secure service. You can bring your documents anytime but it is always better to call and schedule an appointment one day in advance. We also shred digital media like tapes, CD’s, photos, other media and hard-drives, too.

Often shredders that we use are not meant to take a big sudden load for shredding, or it does not make sense to buy a big shredder just for destroying these papers, we offer the most logical way of doing this, you will definitely agree after its done! Call now for advice on how to get rid of these papers in the fastest and most economical way possible.

Document shredding is the safest way to get rid of important papers, we are ready to do it at your place or even get it done at our facility in front of you in our big industrial shredder.

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