Since 1993 Document destruction has been our business which has serviced most big companies in Mumbai and all over India. We have a range of high capacity shredders that are installed simultaneously at several locations complying with all rules and regulations for safe disposal of old documents.

No matter how much papers you may have for shredding , we have a service that will be fast and efficient. Just tell us how much and where the shredding has to be done.

You can also avail of our free shredding service by bringing all documents to our shredding facility and watch them being shredded in a large industrial shredder in minutes.


If you need regular shredding we can keep a brand new shredder at your site and shred the documents regularly by sending our personnel. For this service you may keep our shredding consoles in which you can put all your unwanted documents which will be emptied by our staff and shredded.

Destruction certificate will be given after completion of the job. For more details contact us and we’ll take care of the mundane! (that’s shredding for you)

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