data shredding
data shredding

Data shredding products and services for offices that are commensurate with the highest world standards. If you have a lot of old records for shredding or have sensitive hard drives you should consider either purchasing a shredder for regular jobs or use our services for one off jobs that can be done either onsite or offsite.

Our Products –
1. Paper shredder
2. Hard Drive degausser
3. Hard Drive shredder
4. CD shredder
5. Pen Drive Shredder
6. High Security Multi shredder
7. Industrial data shredders

Our services –
1. Onsite document shredding
2. Offsite bulk shredding
3. Heavy duty paper shredder rental
4. Degaussing anywhere in India
5. Degausser Rental
6. Hard Drive shredding (onsite)
7. Hard Drive shredding (offsite after onsite degaussing)
8. Credit/Access card shredding (onsite)
9. Paper recycling
10. E Waste recycling

Contact us for whatever your data shredding requirement and we’ll offer a very economical solution for sure.