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Hyper Cardboard Recycling Shredder
cardboard recycling shredder

Hyper Cardboard Recycling Shredder

  • Reinforced blades resistant even to the passage of small metal pieces.
  • Simple and practical control panel.
  • Sturdy structure and casing in sheet steel.
  • All models are transportable on wheels.
  • Thanks to the lateral opening of the cutting mouth, cardboards of any size can be used
  • All models are equipped with a connection for dust extraction systems.
  • Oversized motor for excellent reliability.


Number of shafts:single-shaft
Applicationfor cardboard, metal
Other characteristicscompact, reinforced
Power5,220 W
Output15,000 kg/h
(33,069 lb/h)
Machine Width86 cm,
(34 in)
Machine Height120 cm, 136 cm
(47 in, 54 in)

The HYPER SHREDDER industrial carton shredders transform used or unusable cartons into practical and effective packaging material, i.e. elastic mesh, strips or chips.

MIKEA ® is pleased to present the new range of HYPER SHREDDER 700 cardboard shredders, a professional, ecological, compact and economical line. No more useless waste and improvised packaging!

HYPER SHREDDER 700 frees up space in the warehouse by transforming used cartons into an elastic and perfect mesh for packaging.

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