First time users are not aware of paper shredder manufacturers and their brands also each of them offer assorted features on different models, there are no common parameters for comparison making it more difficult to choose the right machine.

We suggest a range of shredders according to your requirement narrowing down on the best making it easier for you to decide so that you are able to purchase the right shredder the first time! Cause we believe that absolute value for money should be got from your purchase always, Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance in choosing your first shredder.

Or you could already be using a paper shredding machine of a particular brand. Now you may want to buy another machine. It is always prudent to explore the current market for new features and then decide for this repeat purchase. These international brands are continuously upgrading and improving products for better value for money.
We suggest a range of paper shredders in a particular category after ascertaining your current usage and machine specifications for you to make a better informed purchase decision yet again. We would sure like to help you choose the right machine, please contact for genuine assistance.

On this page we have tried to tell you more about these brands and bring basic information about all of them together to help you choose the right manufacturer and machine model with desired features from our paper shredders page. Check them out and contact if you would like to know more about their business presence in India.

As early as 1965, intimus® presented its first shredder: the legendary “electric waste paper bin” intimus® simplex – over one million in use to date.

The choice of the brand name intimus® – synonymous with a closely trusted friend – has always been an incentive to provide excellent solutions for perfect data protection. And we have always succeeded in this.

Over 100 patents and registered property rights underline the wealth of ideas and innovations with which intimus®  data shredders have continually been made more convenient and powerful. Today we offer our customers worldwide solutions for data protection and waste management.

The modern working world is no longer imaginable without products from our company, being synonymous with practical, high-performance, reliable solutions. The user in his or her working environment is always at the center of our development plans. Today our products therefore do not just shred all traditional data carriers, from note paper to thick EDP lists and complete binders including the metal clip mechanism but also modern storage media such as CDs, DVDs, floppy disks and complete hard drives securely and consistently.
And all this for a wide range of applications and security levels, from the home office to the traditional office and high performance systems with capacities of up to 2 tonnes per hour.

If there’s a star of the paper shredder world, it’s definitely Fellowes. This company makes some of the most popular paper shredders in the world and their name is almost synonymous with document destruction.

The company got its start way back in 1917 when a man named Henry Fellowes started the Bankers Box Company, a business known for producing storage boxes. (It wasn’t until 1983 that the company adopted the Fellowes name.) The company has been so successful that it operates offices all over the world in countries such as Australia, Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom. (Fellowes’ home office is in Itasca, Illinois.)

Fellowes makes paper shredders that are ideal for personal, office, and heavy-duty use. Some of their most popular machines are part of the Powershred and Intellishred lineups.

A lot of their devices have SafeSense technology that cause the shredder to stop running if there are foreign objects too close to the feed opening. This feature greatly reduces the risk of injury and makes Fellowes’ smaller shredders ideal for environments in which there are children. (Pets, too.) Also, many Fellowes shredders offer jam-free performance and great warranties. One of their standout devices is the Powershred HS-880 which can run continuously, has a 59-gallon waste bin, and offers Level 6 security – the highest amount possible.

About GBC
GBC. General Binding Corporation – more commonly known as GBC – is very famous for their high-quality book binding equipment. (Their plastic comb binding machines are especially popular.) And now for their patented AUTO SHREDDERS

The company was started in 1947 in Chicago and is now headquartered in Lincolnshire, Illinois. In addition to binding equipment, GBC makes laminators, laminating film and pouches, binding supplies, and some of the best shredders on the market.

GBC paper shredders are manufactured for a variety of uses and there’s one for just about every shredding need. They make smaller shredders that can be used at home and in small offices, as well as machines with roomy waste bins and high levels of security for departmental use.

Their Shredmaster series features machines that offer easy operation and terrific warranties, well as well as protection from identity theft. One of their best-selling units is the Style+, a cross-cut device that looks extremely modern and can even shred credit cards.

About EBA
The shredders, manual and electrical guillotines of EBA have been used worldwide in every application field, from the home office to the industrial location, for more than 80 years, driven by strong technical design, simple operation, legendary reliability and custom-fit functionality.

What more can you say? Krug & Priester implemented an approved Quality-Management-System and is certified under ISO 9001 : 2008 standards. This Quality-Management-System encompasses besides manufacturing also any administration workflow. For many decades apprenticeship training programmes are offered in an attractive, diversified and stable environment.

Krug & Priester is an officially acknowledged training enterprise for various commercial and technical professions. We are one of the only manufacturers in the world to complete all production stages inhouse “Powered by EBA” in Balingen implies PC-Board production, grindery, the most modern powder coating and final assembly. This helps us to speed up product development, to optimise production and to realise efficient quality control. In return it provides us with the feeling that we do whatever needs to be done to provide our customers with the best solution on the market.

They call it “complete production” or simply “Made in Balingen – Germany”.

About HSM
HSM develops, produces and sells products and systems for compressing materials as well as for cutting and shredding paper and electronic data media.

Hermann Schwelling Maschinenbau GmbH + Co. KG was founded in 1971 in Salem and started a year later with the sale of the first baling press for cardboard. Like many other successful companies in the world, the development of the company began humbly in a small workshop.

Today the office technology product range includes cutting machines, document shredders, shredder-baler combinations and cardboard perforators. In the corporate division environmental technology, the portfolio includes vertical, horizontal and channel baling presses up to a pressing power of 150 tons as well as PET solutions.

The portfolio also includes configuration and implementation of system solutions for shredding and pressing various valuable products such as paper, foil, cardboard, composite materials, PET, foams, car tyres, hard plastics, etc. HSM has four manufacturing plants in Germany (Salem, Frickingen, Reichenbach, Bergneustadt) and a joint venture in China for production of document shredders in the entry-level price segment.

There are subsidiaries in the USA, England, France and Poland. In a worldwide distribution network, HSM employees collaborate with sales and service points in more than 100 countries.

ELCOMAN is today one of the world leaders in production of office shredders capable to shred paper, CDs, DVDs, Floppy Disks and credit cards, professional guillotines and trimmers, flip charts with re-writable steel board adjustable in height through retractable legs.

All items are sold under the KOBRA trademark in over 80 countries, through a far-reaching network of agents and retailers and 7 subsidiaries worldwide. ELCOMAN’s mission is innovation and this is what distinguishes us from the competition. We create unique products with high added value, exceptional design, from the most resilient and durable materials such as steel and using patented cutting edge systems based on exclusive technological solutions.

Just take a look at the “Cyclone” system which uses the centrifugal force of high pressure airflow produced by a turbine together with a group of high speed rotating blades to destroy up to 500 sheets of paper at a time and up to 420 kg an hour of paper, CD ROMs, DVDs, Floppy disks, USB Pen Drives, credit cards, cardboard boxe, cans.

To achieve this level of innovation, there has been constant analysis of needs and trends in the global market so as to anticipate future requirements and meet them in advance. The ongoing search for winning solutions and development of highly competitive systems undertaken with our KOBRA JAPAN Tokyo subsidiary position the KOBRA brand at the leading edge in Italy and abroad.

The name KOBRA is synonymous with exclusive Made in Italy high quality products certified and guaranteed in accordance with European standards. This distinction is also clear in our heightened awareness of environmental issues. It can be seen in our focus on power saving, in line with the Green Law already in force in Japan and USA and the Kyoto Protocol.

Since 2003 KOBRA shredders are fitted with the “ENERGY SMART” Led system which means zero power consumption when the machine is on standby – an annual carbon dioxide emissions reduction of roughly 65 kg per machine. There is also our contribution to waste separation with the double waste bin in the KOBRA 240, KOBRA 240 TURBO, KOBRA+2 and KOBRA+3 shredders, that no need of plastic bags, to separate paper shreds from the plastic of CD-ROMs, DVDs, Floppy disks and credit cards shredded.

Finally, we also produce waste bags made of recyclable plastic for use with our shredders. Uniqueness, high quality, added value and innovation, these are the cornerstones of KOBRA products together with our focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as the environment.

Dahle. Dahle North America is a subsidiary of Dahle Burotechnik GmbH, a company based in Germany. Dahle is known for making a variety of high-quality products including stack cutters, rotary trimmers, scissors, pencil sharpeners, and staplers.

The company got started in 1930 by Wilhelm Dahle who originally started off by manufacturing pencil sharpener components. Dahle’s paper shredders are first-rate and are especially good for departmental use. They tend to offer a lot of security and there are a number of them that can shred CD’s, paper clips, and so on.

The company even offers a lineup of high-capacity shredders that can handle thousands of sheets of paper every day. There’s also a number of shredders that offer Level 6 security including the Dahle 20394. This machine has received NSA/CSS approval so it can be used for confidential documents. These are just a few of the paper shredder manufacturers you should check out, but it’s a terrific start. 

Martin Yale got its start in the 20th century (1940 to be exact) and manufactures different types of office machines and supplies. Some of their products include paper cutters, letter openers, and folding machines.

The company’s headquarters are located in Wabash, Indiana. As far as their paper shredders are concerned, they’re fantastic. Martin Yale paper shredders are available in both strip- and cross-cut varieties they can give you a lot of security whether you’re shredding personal correspondence or financial data from your business.

Some of Martin Yale’s machines can even handle electronic media (CD’s, floppy disks, etc.) They even manufacture the ScriptStroyer, a machine that can destroy prescription bottles so hospitals, clinics, and the like can comply with the Health insurance Portability and accountability Act (HIPAA). The company also markets shredders under the Intimus name. These are some of the most esteemed machines in the industry and they come with excellent warranties.

Papermonster products are not just useful but also stylish additions for small offices. Whether at home or in a company, these products perfectly blend into almost any environment thanks to their functionality and elegant design.

The product range consists of data shredders, folding machines, letter openers, laminators and coin sorters.For private and semi-professional applications – always with the right feeling for style and design.

Each one of these companies make high-quality shredders that can help you out with your document destruction needs. If you’re looking out for a paper shredder, you really can’t go wrong with a machine from one of these companies, so check them out today on our website. You’re bound to find a shredder that has all the features you need.

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