Benefits of a Office Shredder

“Placing a shredder next to a copy/fax machine is one of the most effective ways to destroy confidential material at the source.”

Congratulations on understanding the necessity of shredding unwanted confidential papers at the office

The hard part is choosing whether to shred the documents yourself or hire an outside agency to do it for you. While each method has its advantages

One Time Cost
There’s no doubt about it, shredding is an expense that has to be accounted for. But
how long are you willing to pay? When you purchase your own shredder their’s a one time
cost involved. This cost varies depending on the quality and size of the machine, the size of the shreds, and how many sheets can be shredded at one time. When you subscribe to a mobile shred service, the cost is never ending.

With the increase in fuel surcharges you can expect to pay more for this service each year.

Documents are shred Immediately By shredding a document as soon as it needs
to be destroyed, you’re guaranteed that the information will never be seen by others. The
longer information sits around the greater the chance it will be seen and used by someone
else. Most Dahle shredders have an automatic on/off so it will take no more time then using a mobile shred bin. All you need to do is insert your documents and walk away. Your
Dahle shredder will take care of the rest. The most effective ways to destroy confidential
materials is by placing a shredder next to a copy/fax machine and shredding at the source.
You know who is handling your documents It’s your responsibility to make sure that confidential information is properly disposed.

Document Shredder

Your organization will be held responsible for any documents they produce that are not properly disposed  and used in an illegal manner. A contract that is signed with a mobile service does not transfer that liability to them. Once the documents leave your facility, can you ever really be sure what happens to them? What if some materials spill out of the truck on the way to their facility? Even though you’ve done a background check on the shredding service, what about a check on the person who actually does the shredding? The only way to be absolutely sure, is to shred the documents yourself. This will give you peace of mind that your company’s sensitive information will never be seen by others. Otherwise, are you ever really sure?

Shred to a level that best suits your needs Depending on your documents, some information is more sensitive then others. By choosing a shredder with a smaller particle size, you are able to provide greater security by making it harder the retrieve the shredded
information. Mobile services allow for one size which is generally a strip cut and an easier
particle size to put back together (less secure). No extra pickups during busy times
The beginning of the year is often a busier time in regards to shredding. Year end files are
stored, and stored files at the end of their life cycle need to be destroyed. Having your own
shredder will allow you to shred all this extra material immediately and at no additional
cost. Depending on the time of year, scheduling an extra pickup could be more expensive
then your normal rate and require a waiting period. Depending on the type of documents,
how long are you willing to let them sit around for others to see?

Commercial Applications

Brand Protection

Counterfeit brands have become a serious problem to many industries. Not only the entertainment and electronic industry are increasingly facing this problem, counterfeit products bleed off substantial sales and can cause severe damage to the brand image. In the pharmaceutical industry counterfeit products even carry the threat of consumer safety. intimus has a long-term experience in helping organisations to maintain custody over their brands and products. Our products and services help to destroy counterfeit items to an extend where they no longer mean a threat brand identities. The list of destroyed items is long. It contains cosmetics, credit cards, sporting goods, merchandising goods, designer accessories and many more.

Pharmaceutical Destruction

Expired prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications must be destroyed to prevent unauthorized distribution which could lead to serious medical problems. intimus products can completely destroy both drugs and packaging, from plastic vials to blister packs to glass bottles to X-ray films. Medical products can also be destroyed, including: tongue depressors, pill cups, specimen cups, etc. Buyers for pharmaceutical and medical product destruction include pharmaceutical makers, pharmaceutical dealers, doctors or hospitals.

Product Destruction

intimus offers the right solution for the destruction of any kind of product. Whether it is expired inventory, defective goods or off-spec product, product destruction is often necessary to protect a company’s image or maintain quality control. This is especially imperative for parts and components used in the aviation and auto industries – substandard parts must often be destroyed rather than allowed to create a risk of larger defects and liabilities.


Banking Items

When transporting cash, banks often use special sealable bags made from highly extendable plastic. For optimum security, each cash transport bag can be used only once. Since each bag has the customer’s name and bank account written on it, the bags need to be destroyed after use. Shredders cannot process cash transport bags because the plastic is so hard to destroy – but disintegrators will process the bags easily. Other banking items that are objects for destruction include plastic straps used to bundle banknotes, key cards of employees, optical and magnetic media or any sensitive paper documents.

Plastic Seals

Plastic seals are used for various applications in the banking sector, for electricity, gas or water meters and are often equipped with bar codes or other sensitive information. To avoid misuse or data breaches, these seals often need to be destroyed using a disintegrator.

Credit Card, ID Card and Key Card Destruction

Disintegrators and special shredders are ideal for the destruction of credit cards at manufacturers or banks, key cards at hotels or defence industry plants, signature foils, sleeves, skeletons and more. More companies are becoming aware of the need to protect sensitive company information and personal customer details. Safely destroying cards is especially important in the financial services field, as identity theft and stolen credit card numbers are on the rise and can be prevented only if proper information assurance processes are put in place.

Security Printing Houses

Secure destruction of printed documents is another application where intimus serves their customer with individual solutions. Be it any kind of documents and materials produced by a security printing house, intimus is the right choice. This includes paper documents like share certificates and banknotes, passports, product authentication passes or plastic foils with hologram foils, key cards of visitors or employees, and CDs, DVDs or magnetic tapes with confidential data.

Paper Destruction

intimus products can suit any application in destroying paper documents, from personal use to enterprise wide use, and covering all security levels including the maximum security granule size approved by the U.S. Department of Defense. Often they are used in combination feeding systems to provide automated destruction of massive volumes of paper, and can even be used to destroy complete three-ring binders. intimus offers perfect solutions for security printing companies, high security shredding services and large office locations of banks, defence industry firms, or any other organisations that require high-volume, high-security shredding and document destruction.

  Governmental Applications

Armed Forces and Intelligence Services

The world’s militaries and intelligence agencies require the highest-security document destruction capabilities to handle Top Secret information, classified military plans and state secrets as well as more mundane but still highly sensitive materials like employee ID badges.

Police Forces

In many countries video cameras in police cars are used for traffic control, and after expiry of the record retention periods, the video cassettes need to be properly disposed of.

Customs Agencies

Customs agencies use disintegrators to securely destroy various confiscated goods such as counterfeit products, pirated materials like CDs or DVDs, or any kind of unauthorised material that is forbidden to enter the country.

Central Banks and Printing Houses

These customers produce banknotes, share certificates, official ID cards, passports, driving licenses, postage stamps, vehicle titles, tax stamps for alcohol and cigarettes, and many other official documents that require a high level of integrity and authenticity. Various government agencies trust in intimus to securely destroy off-spec products during production, excess inventory or obsolete, outdated or damaged items. Since these government agencies use specialised durable materials such as polymer banknotes, banknote paper with wear-resistant coatings, hologram foils or ID cards containing tiny RFID chips, disintegrators are the only reliable solution for proper high-security destruction.

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