Low cost shredder for small budgets

low cost shredder

low cost shredder

A low cost shredder for small budgets does not mean that you don’t have money to buy or invest in more expensive machinery..

Of course you will do so when the need arises, but we understand that now you are starting or trying something new and would like to test the waters before making concrete larger capital investments.

Our low budget shredders are designed keeping in mind the productivity and usage at initial stages of the new venture or new process, these machines will work for many years and you will then want to buy bigger capacities and improved machines again from us after this trial period of a few years is over. With this usage and inputs we will be able to better design and deliver a second shredder that will definitely be more productive than the first and help increase production levels as business increases.

We understand that when you start a new venture or your industry demands a low cost shredder because margins are not much as business is not yet set, we have just the right shredder for small budgets that does not compromise on quality but at the same time is made with the best materials and workmanship. These shredder machines are used mostly for production purposes and can be used for the entire day non stop. 

What ever your application, for processing raw materials we shall be glad to offer a solution for your business, pl call us or contact and we will propose a machine for your consideration.

Our Low cost shredders can be used for processing –

Plastics compounds – new production process
Paper destruction – new shredding business 
Metals – Volume reduction
Non ferrous metals – Smelting efficiency
Glass – Production
Scrap destruction – Value less items

Or well just about any application where strength is required for breaking things into small pieces.

An experienced shredder machine manufacturer in Mumbai

shredder machine manufacturer

shredder machine manufacturer

We are an experienced shredder machine manufacturer in Mumbai since 2006

Having come across several perplexities surrounding shredders and shredding, we now have the experience to offer workable and highly productive solutions that pay back and turn profitable in a very short time.

With a complete range of products and services you can rest assured that you will find the required product from us. 

Paper shredder for personal use

If you need a small paper shredder for personal use, select a shredder from over 25 different models in our small shredder range all from the world’s best brands.

Small office shredder

If you need a small office shredder, our medium duty shredders are ideal for shredding papers with staples and pins, CDs and credit cards either daily or on weekends, these shredders are capable of taking all loads effortlessly, again from very reputed and good quality brands in India.

Large Shredder

Our range of large shredders are the most silent and efficient available in the market, Class made in Germany shredders packed with latest technology, super silent and jam proof are all there you you to see, call for a demo if required right at your office (nominal charges apply) 

Industrial Shredder 

The SMBZ range of industrial shredders are a class apart, durable, low cost made in India shredders for shredding big loads non stop daily.

Factory Shredder

Then there is the Ezicut range of factory shredders for papers,plastic,wood,rubber,glass,metals.. well all kinds of applications, these machines are very silent and have very high strength to break even the hardest material effortlessly.

Shredding Service

If you have a lot of old papers for disposal and need a shredding service, we can bring a industrial shredder onsite and destroy the documents fast and efficiently, the shredded papers will be sent to the paper mill for recycling. 

In all you will find a machine/service that fits in your budget and made just as you want it..efficient and productive like yourself! so contact us and we shall be glad to advice you on the best possible service.