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A comprehensive range of office paper shredders from the worlds best brands, numerous models to choose from small personal shredders to large departmental multi media shredders.


Large amounts of papers, plastics, rubber, glass, wood can be shredded to reduce size and for recycling, saving on precious resources.


If you want to safely destroy large quantity of old documents you can use our big shredders on hire and get the job done fast without spending too much and onsite too!

DEGAUSSERS-Digital Data Gone!

Destroying papers is easy, but what about whats on your hard drive in your computer, did you delete importnat files and folders... but wait that is recoverable, what you need to do is erase all data permanently with a degausser.
Tip: It is always better to choose a paper shredder of one grade higher capacity, for instance if you wish to shred 5 sheets together buy a 8 sheet shredder because the thickness of the papers often vary and so there will be lesser chance of a paper jam!
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