Pharma waste shredders

Pharma waste shredders

Pharma waste shredders are essential tools for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare facilities dealing with sensitive medical waste. These shredders efficiently and securely dispose of various types of pharmaceutical waste, including expired medications, unused pills, blister packs, and more.

By shredding this waste, these machines help prevent unauthorized access to medication and reduce the risk of drug diversion. Additionally, they contribute to environmental sustainability by facilitating proper disposal and recycling of pharmaceutical waste materials. Choose a reliable pharma waste shredder to ensure compliance with regulations and protect patient confidentiality.

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Pharma companies need to be more careful than others for disposing off waste generated from factories, pharma waste generally consists of tablet blisters, papers, cardboards, tubes, bottles, vials Etc.

We have been able to design a shredder that can break these materials into small pieces so that they are not misused or repacked but not reducing their value as scrap, the shredder is avilable in different capacities and can be installed in common scrap yards or also at the source where the waste is generated.

These machines are energy efficient, move at slow speeds but are able to destroy enormous amounts of waste day after day without any additional cost on maintenance.

Feeding is through a hopper designed for minimum operator fatigue (entire waste bag can be fed together) even if worked on for the entire day, the material then falls in the cutting chamber which then slowly breaks it into small pieces, the drive exerts enormous pressure taking in full gulps of material without jamming. When a hard foreign material is mistakenly fed, the machine will stop automatically and reverse thereby preventing damage to the cutters.

A basic machine picture and a small video of the cutter function is added here, for more information please fill the contact form and we shall get back to understand your requirement and suggest the best economical solution.