Whether you work in a large corporation or a small business, having an office Paper shredder heavy duty provides peace of mind knowing that sensitive information is being properly destroyed. From financial records to confidential client information, these powerful machines offer a reliable solution for maintaining privacy and compliance with data protection regulations.

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EBA 2339 office paper shredder heavy duty

EBA 2339 Office Paper Shredder

  • Robust and durable: high-quality paper clip proof cutting shafts with lifetime guarantee under conditions of fair wear and tear.
  • Ease of operation: intelligent multifunction switch ­element with integrated optical signals indicating the operational status.
  • This electronic feature indicates the used sheet capacity during shredding process to avoid paper jams.
  • The environmentally-friendly shred bin can be removed easily and cleanly from the cabinet. The bin can be used with or without disposible shred bag.
  • Extremely safe: electronically controlled safety flap in the feed opening to keep fingers, ties or other objects away from the cutting shafts.
  • Quality in every detail: cabinet with adjustable metal hinges and attractively designed swivel castors.
  • This shredder has 3 Variations of Security P2, P4, and P5. Centralized data protection – suitable for continuous operation.

EBA 2339 Office Paper Shredder DataSheet

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EBA 2339 Office Paper Shredder Heavy Duty

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an office paper shredder heavy duty is a valuable asset for any organization looking to enhance security measures and streamline document disposal processes. By investing in quality equipment designed to handle the demands of daily use, businesses can protect their sensitive information while increasing productivity in the workplace.

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