Made in INDIA paper shredders
Made in INDIA paper shredders

From personal shredders to very large industrial models, these shredders are durable and are backed with a very strong all India after sales network even in small towns along with the large cities, there are several models to choose from in each category, however we have enlisted here only one in each category to make choice easy and non technical, of course we shall be glad to receive an inquiry from you, then we can suggest several options with features and prices for your consideration.

Made in INDIA Paper Shredders

1) Tabletop paper shredder
mini paper shredder What a shredder! keep it on the table and use it daily to shred your important papers, super silent, cuts into very small pieces has all features that you would want in a mini shredder! This is enough only if you have very few papers (5-10 sheets) for shredding everyday
2) Desk side Shredder
deskside paper shredder Keep it next to your chair and easily feed papers for shredding, cuts into small pieces, 5 sheets at a time , ideal for shredding about 50 – 100 sheets daily. Can be kept in your cabin or at home, now no chance of anybody finding out about whats personal and very important to you.
3) Small Office shredder
paper shredder for small offices A machine for an office with 25-30 staff, cuts into small strips and can also destroy CDs and credit cards, can run continuously for one hour, enough to shred 2500 sheets at one go, a small sleek machine with a metal cabinet, simple operation and mounted on wheels for easy mobility.
4) Common Office Shredder
office paper shredder Use this machine as a common shredder for the entire office, all unwanted papers can be collected and shredded in this machine, it can be used continuously for hours to shred papers from old files, unwanted records also. Comes with a large bin, no need to empty everyday.
5) Non Stop use shredders (auto feeding)
shredder with a large opening these machines are ideal for offices having large quantities of papers to shred, there is no need to feed manually papers can be fed automatically, can shred large computer printouts and A4 size common office papers also. Mounted on wheels for easy mobility.
6) Large Office Shredder
paper shredder for big offices This machine is made to last, it can cut into small 4mm strips, is made of a one piece machined shafts for accurate cutting, very silent and extremely dependable for large jobs. Customers include Banks,Large Companies, Government Offices,Consulates, Pharma companies all the big companies who want a trouble free machine prefer this shredder and are using it since many years, it can run continuously for the entire day.
7) Heavy Duty Shredder
multi purpose shredder this powerful machine can shred lots of papers effortlessly, it can also be used to destroy large quantities of old records, comes with a powerful non stop usage motor, you’ll run out of papers to shred but this machine is not going to stop!
8) Industrial Shredder
waste shredder Ideal for heavy non stop usage like in factories where large quantity of materials have to be shredded to avoid misuse, this machine comes with a hopper for ease of feeding, can be used by all industries who have bulk waste to destroy like papers,cardboards,tablet strips, all kinds of factory waste, comes with a power full 3.7kW geared motor. you may also see our range of still bigger Induatrial shredders.

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