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Shredmac S3 Box Shredder

Shredmac S3 Box Shredder

Maximum Run Time ( Minute)Non stop
Motor Power (HP)3 phase
Sheet Capacity50-60 Sheets
Type of ProductIndustrial Paper Shredder
Cut Size10 mm
Bin CapacityDirect Out
Shredding TypeStrip Cut
Running CycleNon stop
Dimension760 x 730 x 1110 mm
Item ShredPaper, Cards Card, CD, Card Board Boxes, Catalog, Printing Material
Throat Width430 mm / 17 inches
speed12m/min (FAST)
Noise Level62 DbA
Hopper Size430x200mm

Check the Working Of Box Shredder

Box shredders are a valuable tool for businesses and individuals looking to securely dispose of cardboard boxes and packaging materials. These shredders are designed to efficiently break down boxes into smaller pieces, making them easier to recycle or dispose of.

It’s Better To Invest On Box Shredder

By investing in a box shredder, you can not only save time and effort in breaking down boxes manually but also ensure that sensitive information on the packaging is properly destroyed. This is particularly important for businesses that handle confidential documents or products that need to be disposed of securely.

Whether you run a small business that receives frequent shipments or simply want to declutter your home efficiently, a box shredder can be a practical solution. With its ability to quickly turn bulky boxes into manageable pieces, it is an essential tool for anyone looking to streamline their waste disposal process.

In conclusion, a box shredder offers convenience, efficiency, and security when it comes to disposing of cardboard boxes. It is a smart investment for those who value organization and sustainability in their operations.

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