Attributes of a BEST SHREDDER

Best shredder available in the market are from Germany, the INTIMUS range of machines are perfectly balanced machines with good performance and value for money. Available in three sizes that can be chosen according to usage. Elegant design and excellent after sales services indeed make them the best shredder in all category office shredders now available in India.

  • Consistent performance for many years
  • Availability of spares
  • Tried and tested model sold since many years
  • Good price and value for money
  • Heavy duty engineering

Apart from INTIMUS other world renowned shredders that are available from us include – GBC, Fellowes, Kobra, HSM and EBA, all these machines standout in quality from the rest and are very durable.There is also a wide range of shredders in the Heavy duty category for non stop use. These shredders are made to shred all other media as well other than papers. Shredding of CDs , credit cards, papers with clips, and even pen drives is now very easy to destroy in a normal sized office paper shredder.

Enlisted here is one MULTI PURPOSE SHREDDER that will definitely appeal to you for its versatility because this shredder can not only shred papers but also CDs and Pen drives! But shred the papers into the smallest size available from any manufacturer in the world…


  • Shredding paper  : 1mm × 2mm
  • Shredding CD/DVD : 2mm × 5mm
  • Shredding USB drive : 3mm × 3mm
  • Shred speed : 2.8m/min A4 paper
  • Security standard (New) : Din 7
  • Output power : 350w
  • Voltage : 220V
  • Dimension : L430mm×W430mm×H740mm
  • N.W/G.W : 39Kg/44Kg
  • Warranty : 12months 

Now this shredder can shred to bits PEN DRIVES, this indeed gives it the BEST SHREDDER award! This kind of machine is not manufactured by anybody in the world. Give a call now to know more about it and for more details, video and prices. This machine is truly an asset you would want for your modern office.

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