Industrial Shredder

Industrial shredder Machine that can shred almost anything….well things that need shredding!

This Industrial shredder machine are MADE IN INDIA for heavy usage namely –

  • Destroying and protecting materials from reuse (safe to sell to dispose)
  • Reducing volumes saving transportation and storage costs (proper waste management)
  • Pre processing material for production (breaking bigger into smaller pieces)

No matter for what purpose you want an industrial shredder, we offer customized solutions for your application. These machines are designed keeping in mind – the material,the throughput required and finally the purpose of shredding.Enumerated here are some common models.

All industrial shredder machines are made with cutters of wear and tear resistant high quality tool steel, hardened, sharpened and guaranteed to last longer than ordinary materials, putting the best available material in our machines, sourcing from the best OEM is just not a matter of quality for us but we know no other way of engineering world class machines for our customers.

The correct solution for each and every shredding task…..


small-shredderMODEL smSz 3 – 

This compact small industrial shredder (available in three sizes) can destroy – Hospital waste, Laboratory Waste, Optical media like CD’s, Hard disks, cassettes, occupies very little space and is silent yet powerful, ideal for indoor use and for destroying small quantities and small sized materials.

  • Cutting Chamber :110X240mm / 200X240mm / 300X240mm
  • Motor: 2.2kW/3.0kW
  • Throughput/Hour: 50 – 100 Kgs. (depending on material)
  • Weight of shredder head : 180 kgs


MODEL smSz 5 –

This mid sized shredder (available in two variations) can destroy – light materials like mobile phones, cassettes ,factory packaging, plastic carcases of electronic devices, food/kitchen waste, garden waste Etc. Can be fitted on a stand with wheels for easy movement.

  • Cutting Chamber :200X300mm / 300X300mm
  • Motor: 3.7 kW
  • Throughput/Hour: 100 – 200 Kgs. (depending on material)
  • Weight of shredder head : 275 kgs

bag shredder

MODEL smSz 10

This Industrial Shredder (available in three sizes) can be used to shred – light weight materials, aerosol cans,Production scrap,in recycling industry for pre processing of raw material.

  • Cutting Chamber : 3 sizes, Viz: 360X380mm / 500X380mm / 600X380mm
  • Motor : 5.5kW / 7.5 kW
  • Throughput/hour : 50 – 150 kgs / 150 – 250 kgs
  • Weight of shredder head : 650/750 kgs.

industrial paper shredder

MODEL smBz 10 – 

Large sized industrial paper shredder, it can cut – Cardboard’s, Papers with file clips , CDs, Aluminium foils, films,PVC packaging material, Corrugated cartons, Old Office Documents

  • Cutting Chamber : 3 sizes, Viz: 430mm / 510mm / 730mm
  • Motor : 3.7 kW / 5.5 kW / 7.5 kW
  • Throughput/hour : 500 – 2500 kgs
  • Weight of shredder head : 550 kgs.

e waste shredderMODEL smSz 15 – 

This machine is for large volume but light industrial scrap, foodstuff,food waste,linen,papers

  • Cutting Chamber : 2 sizes, Viz: 650X440mm / 800X440mm
  • Motor :  11 kW
  • Throughput/hour : 250 – 400 kgs
  • Weight of shredder head : 1500 kgs.


industrial shredding machineMODEL smSz 25 –

This Powerful industrial shredder machine can just about destroy anything!  Large volume industrial scrap including wood ,Pre-process of hard plastics for recycling,Non ferrous Metals – Aluminium,copper brass

  • Cutting Chamber : 2 sizes, Viz: 650X540mm / 1050X540mm
  • Motor : 18.5 kW / 22 kW
  • Throughput/hour : 500 – 1000 kgs
  • Weight of shredder head : 3000 kgs.


powerful shredder

MODEL smSz 50 –

Our Biggest machine for large volume industrial scrap, generally used for recycling, car tires, large and hard materials, entire units can be put directly into the shredder!

  • Cutting Chamber : 1100X750mm
  • Motor : 37 kW 
  • Throughput/hour : 1000-2000 kgs
  • Weight of shredder head : 5500 kgs.


food waste shredderShredder for Moist Material made in SS for food waste, contaminated BMW , MSW , Organic waste, ampules,vials and other pharma waste. 

  • Cutting Chamber : 650X440mm
  • Motor : 7.5kW
  • Throughput/hour : 500 kgs
  • Weight of shredder head : 1550 kgs.



lump breakerSingle shaft shredder available in three sizes with screen to break lumps into smaller pieces

  • Cutting Chamber : 360X380mm/500X380mm/600X380mm
  • Motor : 5.5kW/7.5kW
  • Screen : 10 – 40mm
  • Throughput/hour : 50-150 kgs / 150-250kgs
  • Weight of shredder head : 650/750 kgs.



glass shredder

This single shaft machine is useful for breaking lumps of materials for recycling

  • Cutting Chamber : 600X390mm
  • Motor : 7.5kW 
  • Screen : 10 – 40 mm
  • Throughput/hour : depending on material
  • Weight of shredder head : 700 kgs.



In any case, your investment should pay off and you should get complete value of money from these industrial shredder purchase.For this, it is important for us to completely understand and suggest the most appropriate machine, this is where our experience is valued most.

Often this is not an easy task in view of the variety of industrial shredders available thus the right choice of machine most ideal for your use is to be carefully selected.

We would be pleased to help you by our experience. We have a few differently configured industrial shredder for sample tests available at our facility and encourage customers to send samples for first hand result inspection and verification.

As far as we know, there is no shredder that is able to process everything. More often than not, the desired result can only be achieved by tailor-made technology that we can give you and of course for us there just can’t be any material that cannot be shredded!

Click here to know more about industrial shredder that will work for you or you may fill the contact form or call us for help and advice anytime!

Call 91-22-23775522 to know more how you can save a lot of money and how our machines can be useful to you. We shall be glad to meet you and advice the best solution.

Since over 30 years MERCODOR has been manufacturing economically and environmentally exemplary shredding technology for nearly all kinds of waste.The MERCODOR GmbH Sondermaschinenbau KG, Frankfurt/Main was created in 1973. The exempt private family owned company employs 10 people and is very flexible due to its size. The equipment is entirely produced their own plant in Trebur – Germany. The long experience of the enterprise with diverse applications ensures trouble-free installation. These products are renowned for their robust construction, low maintenance and high energy efficiency. The modular construction principle allows the equipment to be perfectly adapted to any situation, for example, in difficult locations or in combination with existing conveyor equipment in the production environment. Depending on the installation, the required material transport components, such as conveyor belts, hoisting and tipping devices, vacuum equipment, disposal chutes, etc. would also be supplied. This high degree of flexibility allows the high performance MERCODOR shredding systems to be installed cost effectively and exactly where they are needed. Using specially fitted or built-on components and individual design of the cutting knife (shape characteristics), the basic structures can be adapted to suit all materials for shredding or the ultimate size required for the scrapped materials. This means that an optimum degree of shredding is obtained for the most wide-ranging waste materials like wood, glass, metal sheet, plastic, textiles, rubber, paper, cartons, aluminium Etc. Their machine sizes are ideally suited to customer requirements in India and offer the right solution for small scale industries and entrepreneurs who decide to buy machines to mechanize process for higher capacities moving away from manual methods.

industrial shredder

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